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Get Fit: 21-day Challenge

21 days to resetting your life for good through nutrition and fitness. Have you heard that fitness starts with 75% in the kitchen and 25% in the gym? Well it is true. Without good nutrition no matter how many hours you spend in the gym it is nearly impossible to reach your fitness goals, whether to lose weight, build muscle or just to feel better.

This 21 day challenge will include daily nutrition and fitness accountability, shopping list of foods that are allowed during your 21 day journey, and a 3-4 day opportunity to come into our gym to get your body moving. If youi’re ready to change your fitness lifestyle for good, this is the chance to Get Fit!

The Challenge begins January 9, 2017, but everyone will need to come for a brief orientation the Saturday January 7, 11:15 am. At this time, you will be weighed, measured and given the packet to do your shopping for the the next 21 days.
Day 1 will be very important to come in and do a benchmark workout that will help us determine how much you improve not only physically on the outside but also improve in your performance and strength. For your participation each of you will receive a Get Fit Crossfit Humidity T-shirt and also the opportunity to win a prize for most improved in performance and most transformed in your physical appearance and weightloss.