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Welcome to Crossfit Humidity

Crossfit Humidity was started by Danielle and Korey Bromery out of their love and extreme passion for the wonderful fitness program that is, Crossfit. Crossfit Humidity is located at 860 Parris Island Gateway, A8 Beaufort, SC 29906. Call us at 843-252-3165 or use our Contact Form

Korey Bromery Crossfit Humidity Beaufort SC Crossfit

Korey Bromery

Owner / Head Trainer (CF-L1, HITT L1, TRX L1)

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Korey grew up on a rural horse farm in Lincolnton, North Carolina, learning how to develop a strong work ethic from an early age. Growing up Korey played football as well as becoming a successful ATV motocross racer. He was a 10 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps having deployed on multiple occasions as well as serving four years on Parris Island as a Marine Corps drill instructor. During his last year in the Marine Corps, Korey found Crossfit and it changed his life forever. Korey has since dedicated his time to becoming a wonderful Crossfit coach as well as a mentor to young athletes and students. Korey is extremely dedicated to changing people’s lives through the wonderful program of Crossfit.

Danielle Bromery Crossfit Humidity Beaufort SC Crossfit

Danielle Bromery

Owner / Trainer (CF-L1)

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Danielle Bromery is a native of Beaufort, SC who has always had a passion for sports. Growing up she played soccer, softball, basketball, and volleyball until deciding to focus on softball year-round. She attended the College of Charleston before being accepted into the nursing program at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. In true college fashion, she found it hard to balance nursing school and college life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the “freshman 15” became a total understatement. Danielle then transferred back home to finished her degree and decided she needed to take control of her life again. After much persuasion, she finally agreed to a free trial workout at a local CrossFit gym and the rest is history. She found her passion, her sanity amongst the long demanding hours of nursing school. Danielle attended CrossFit religiously and found herself happier and healthier than ever. She even found her husband (and co-owner of CrossFit Humidity) at the local box. She continued on and graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and is now a practicing ER Nurse. Through nursing, Danielle has found a passion for health promotion and cannot wait to ignite that same fire in others.

Connie Crossfit Humidity Beaufort SC Crossfit

Connie Rigdon

Trainer (CF-L1)

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Connie Rigdon became a ‘Beaufortonian’ in 2011 from Hawaii.  As a more “mature” new mom, found it difficult to manage her baby weight despite a lifetime of fitness and healthy eating.  In September of 2013 Connie found Crossfit.  Since then Connie has participated in the Crossfit Open competition every year as a Master’s athlete. In 2014 she completed all three levels of the Spartan Obstacle races earning a trifecta finisher distinction.  Her passion for Crossfit led her to become a certified level 1 coach first as a way to improve her performance in Crossfit, but eventually to help other athletes improve theirs as well. Connie is also a certified nutrition and wellness coach and has headed several nutrition challenges throughout her Crossfit career and continues to do so. When she isn’t coaching or training, Connie is a fulltime Realtor, blogger for her food blog foodcrazyinbeaufort.com or hanging out with her 8 year old son.

Tyler Crossfit Humidity Beaufort SC Crossfit

Tyler Coleman

Trainer (CF-L1)

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Tyler is from the sunny west coast of Oxnard, California. Growing up in California he enjoyed skateboarding and playing volleyball for his high schools varsity team. After graduating he joined the Marine Corps in 2011, while stationed in San Diego he was introduced to CrossFit style workouts which sparked his interest in functional fitness. In 2016 he was transferred to Parris Island, SC where he officially became a member of his first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Humidity. During this time he was going through personal hardships and the coaches and atmosphere of the gym helped him overcome the difficult times he was going through, and made him into a better person. Tylers love for the sport of CrossFit grew everyday he walked through the front door, and in 2017 he completed his Level 1 Certification so he can give back to the community and help others who may be experiencing something similar. While Tyler is not coaching, he works as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor at MCRD Parris Island.

Alli Crossfit Humidity Beaufort SC Crossfit

Alli Bates

Trainer (CF-L1)

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Eric Crossfit Humidity Beaufort SC Crossfit

Eric Hunter

Trainer (CF-L1)

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Eric is originally from Charleston, SC.  Being near the coast, he enjoyed surfing, kayaking and anything associated with the ocean.  Eric also enjoyed playing soccer for many years.  As it is with so many of us in life, work demands took priority and anything related to recreation or fitness took a back seat.  In 2010 his father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away very shortly after.  Needing an outlet, Eric turned to exercise.  This started primarily with going to a gym by himself and struggling to find a routine that felt satisfying.  He continued researching different types of exercise disciplines and areas of fitness until he finally discovered CrossFit.  This journey originally started by doing workouts on his own and then slowly moving into a group setting at a local CrossFit box.  CrossFit quickly became a real passion.  Even though individuals keep their own workout logs, Eric has always viewed CrossFit as a team sport.  That team atmosphere where everyone is working together to get through a workout is exactly what he had been looking for.  Eric enjoys sharing his passion with others which is why he decided to seek out his Level 1 Certificate in 2017.  He is excited to have the opportunity to help others with their own journey as so many have helped him on his.


Marianne Kappel

Trainer (CF-L1)

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Marianne Kappel played Division I soccer at Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in recreation management.  After college she decided to hitch her life to her high school boyfriend and Marine, Clint.  For the next 16 years Marianne and Clint moved all over the United States while Clint deployed multiple times and Marianne grew, birthed, and raised 4 kids. Marianne started Crossfit while pregnant and has followed the sport through four states, earning her Crossfit Level 1 certification in Florida in 2017.  The intensity and camaraderie of the various WOD’s bring back kinship and excitement reminiscent of her soccer days.  Marianne loves doing the workouts (especially back squats) but has found her real passion in coaching.  Marianne’s classes are full of hip hop music, strong beats, lots of verbal support, humor, teamwork, and most important – community.

Chris Rohrer

Trainer (CF-L1)

Learn More About Chris

Christopher was born in Beaufort, South Carolina but has lived in New Jersey and Puerto Rico. He first
found CrossFit as a training outlet to achieve fitness for his high school football team in New Jersey.
However, Christopher began to embrace CrossFit with intense dedication. After his sophomore year,
Christopher and his family moved to Puerto Rico. There, Christopher’s passion for CrossFit burned and
he wanted to do more for the community. At the youngest age of eligibility, 17, Christopher earned his
CrossFit Level 1 Certification. In Puerto Rico, he taught multiple CrossFit classes in English and Spanish.
However, after Hurricane Maria, he and his family were forced to evacuate the island and found refuge
back where it all started, Beaufort. With CrossFit Humidity’s warm and inviting community, Christopher
continues his strong commitment to CrossFit; teaching classes and providing personal training. His goal
is to give to the CrossFit family he’s been a part of for so long.